Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for the information

On the strong language used by Syed Soharwardy, president of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada and founder of Muslims Against Terrorism, I wholly agree and really there should be no retraction whatsoever. I do not agree with your with all your views.

Muslim Council of Calgary's appeasement has brought the Muslim to this appalling situation. If you thought that Muslim Council Of Cagary is alone than I am sorry to inform you that throughout the world there are lots of "buggered Muslims or if you would prefer the waqa wackos (waqa sultan who has been called a self hater by the very group she is wanting to please so desperately), the fake Muslims alla Hirshi the dutch witch who was past tracked to the Dutch parliament who have a peadophile party that wants to legalise sex with animals or Irshad Manjis. In the mafioso land of mussolini whose government is 10% criminal we have the Moroccan women's group. What this whores of west do is unknown. they are there when west needs them to support genocide in the Ummah.

Do a search of this Moroccan group. Ms Suad is said to be a director of a newspaper called Al oe El Mahgrebiya or something like it. They have called for a Muslim group in Italy to be imprisoned because this group took out an advertisement in three Italian newspaper listing the Israeli massacres and comparing them to Nazism.


Marcia Visanji

Aug. 20, 06

My dear Sohrawardy Sahib,

First of all I must congratulate you for the initiation of such a laudable project and with all my humility I do hereby pray for the success of your humanitarian mission. Amin!

Although (as you are well aware) I do not belong to the Islamic community, but having regard of your most appreciable objectives, I do hereby take the opportunity to express my solidarity with this great cause. 



Aug. 20, 06

Dear Mr. Soharwardy,

Thank you for your e-mail.  I know you are sincere and a good person. You don't have to convince me, sir.  I know you are an honest man.  By the way, I saw you on the television the other day.  God bless you sir. I'm with you all the way. We love you.

 Fred Biskal

Aug. 19, 06

Dear Brother  Dr Syed B. Soharwardy! Assalam-o-Alaikum

Please accept my warmest appreciation the well-done job that you’re doing to educate our non Muslim brethren about Islam. Indeed the mass media is diluting the positive image of our beautiful religion. Our communities are divided into so many groups and parties, which remind me the Hadith of our beloved Prophet “.Hudhayfah (radiyallaahuanhu) ‘‘I asked the Prophet, ‘What if they (the Muslims) did not have a Jamaa’ah, nor an Imaam?’  He replied: ‘‘Desert all of those parties and run away over the earth.  It would be better for you, O Hudhayfah, to die whilst you bite onto the branch of a tree, than to follow any of them.’’ Al-Haafidh Ibn Hajar reported at-Tabaree as saying: ‘‘this hadith indicated that when the people divide into parties in the absence of a leader, no particular group should be followed.  If one can, he should desert all the parties for fear of falling into evil.’’

Our strength is our unity …Unity on the basis of Tawheed and authentic tradition of our beloved Prophet. I am requesting lets not promote that Sufism is the only way to attaint spirituality, eliminate violence and hatred. I believe performing five time prayers with conviction and perfection will have more spiritual heighten and bring peace. I disagree in this point, we should be more focused in our common values, which InshaAllah help us to rectify our problems. If any group promotes their own methodology or agenda then who will promote Islam the real happiness and success?  Lest go back to the book of Allah and the authentic tradition of our beloved prophet the engineer of peace and tranquility. Lets free Islam from all these groups and frictions. Lets concentrate on the teachings that will bring the Ummah together …Islam is the religion of pluralism, not individuality or grouping. Ultimate needs are to establish a strong united front that work together to guide the Canadian mass media and politicians. We are living in the era of deception, so lets not create more confusion and division in the Muslim community …we have One Allah, One prophet and one Islam. 


Islam condemns terrorism in any shape or dimension, but we must add this what is the root cause of radicalism in the west? I am sure you know the answer.  Justice ..Justice … injustice on the earth will promote further violence…


At the end if any of my words offended you, please forgive me this was not my intention. 




Abdul W Alami

Aug. 18, 06

As a Christian I am very encouraged to see this initiative to fight terrorism through spiritual enlightenment and the encouragement of global brotherhood though mutual love for God.


I have a high regard for Sufism.


N. Meyers

Aug 18, 06

It is a sign of hope that information about MAT is coming forward. Many people believe that moderate Muslims have not done

much to stem the tide of terrorism. This new program is a start in that direction. Will the activities also include efforts to (1) rehabilitate those specific Muslims who have resorted to terrorism so they can see the light of reason and (2) to stop the education of hate in all Muslim schools and textbooks ? I wish this program and all similar Muslim widespread efforts speedy success before it is too late to stop global catastrophe.


J. R. Century

Aug. 17, 2006

Dear Mr. Sohrawardy:

I agree with your concerns about the recent rash of attacks on Christian communities in both India & Pakistan, and wondered if by chance you saw a brilliant film produced by Buddhadeb Dasgupta, that was featured at the International Film Festival in Toronto about three (?) years ago. I do not recall the title, but it was screened a few weeks after the brutal murder of a Missionary and his young son in a village in Orrissa. Few in the audience seemed to see the connection! Yet few will deny that fanatic elements are an embarrassment to most if not all religious groups.

Although I am not a Muslim, I have many close friends who happen to be Muslim - so I am familiar with, and understand the pain and frustration you feel over recent trends in North American society, in their misperceptions of Islam.

What you are doing is admirable; but I must say that aside from the odd programme on some TV stations, there is precious little response from Imams /scholars to the variety of commentaries that range from plainly ignorant to dangerously hostile. If these leaders stand up and condemn criminal behaviour, no matter what faith the perpetrators espouse, the credibility of Muslims in general can only be enhanced.

It is not enough to merely protest against false accusations, but to deal with such comments by outlining in clear terms, how and where these misunderstandings arise and where they could lead to. Spokespersons for the Canadian Arab Federation, as far as I can recall, are about the only group I know of, which keeps a close watch on the media and frequently responds with clarity and confidence - just what is vital in a nation where many people tend to believe in the stereotypical images of Muslims.

Best Wishes, Sincerely

Subir Guin

December 27, 2002


Syed, I am not a Christian, I am an athiest. You as an individual are no
more a threat to me as I am to you. As a group however are groups become
mobs, all words become dogma. Your religion is a threat once it is used by
one man as justification for one act of violence
. It should be the
obligation of every muslim to hunt down and punish anyone who uses islam as
a justification of violence, no more talk - act. In failing to do so I, as a
man, just you and find you lacking; I, as a man, just islam and find it
lacking. I judge Judaism and Christianity the same. You all follow prophets
of hate.

December 26, 2002


Dear Brothers

I was pleased to have received an email from your
organisation and am very happy with the contents.
Thanks God that ISCC and MAT has taken the challenge
and Inshallah it will be successful in neutralizing
the negative propaganda against Islam.

I too am against any radicalism and I believe a muslim
shold not be involved in any act of terrorism. Islam
is a religion of peace, the evil forces are trying to
tarnish this image.

I wish you all the success, may Allah be with you and
guide you into road of success, We need people like
and organizations loke yours.

Eng Anwar Shaukat Ansari-Nigeria
December 26, 2002


1400 seems to be a rather small sampling; but, I am not a statistician. As to your organizations remarks, your organization also is an "interest group" so by your own logic, your figures also are not to be trusted.. The sad fact is that one does not have to be a hate monger to be a realist. It is a widely known FACT that the main terrorist threat today comes from people professing to do their evil deeds in the name of Islam. All one has to do is go to the various world newspapers, bulletin boards, discussion boards, websites etc. to find out that that, unfortunately, these views (views also held by terrorists) are the views of more than just a "few" Muslims. I, myself, have corresponded with several Muslim immigrants who hold these views and with many who think terrorists are heroes, freedom fighters, martyrs, etc. I still note that knowingly or unknowingly Muslims continue to finance the 'terrorist 'machine'. Also, you should think twice about using the word "warn" in your remarks toward others as it could be looked upon as a threat. Many people do not like it when any group comes into their country, insults the religious beliefs of others, insults their form of government, their way of life (their perceptions of it), protects their own to the detriment of other people, seek political power etc.-that is a fact of life. Perhaps instead of trying to change the views of others, it may be more productive to look within and ask the question, "Why don't they like us"? The fact is most people are realists. It is not necessarily "hate mongering" to know that the more there are of the group to which the terrorists lay claim, the larger the threat may be. Seeing that it was the stated purpose of the Saudi's and others to win North America "for Allah", how is it you can not understand that others perceive your group as a threat to them and all they hold dear?


December 26, 2002


You might be interested to know that I canceled my subscription to the Calgary Herald a few weeks ago. As a result of this action, I received a phone call 2-3 days ago from the ???? Post. They wanted me to subscribe at--hear this--$2 a month! I told them that there was no chance because I did not consider the Post a NEWS paper but a propaganda sheet for the publishers in that they refuse to publish ANYTHING that the publishers disagree with. Obviously the Israeli-Palestinian issue is the major concern, but it is not the only one. You might take comfort in the degree of their desperation that they are trying to sell at $2/month.

All the best.


October 28, 2002