Date: September 13, 2001

Press Release

Appeal to Canadian and US Media

During this difficult time of our history it is very important that the Canadian and American societies remain united. Both the American and US societies are multicultural and multifaith societies. As the preliminary investigation into the terrorists attacks on WTC and Pentagon has identified that the terrorists might have been Arabs/ Muslims. ISCC and MAT urges Canadian and US media to be more responsible in producing and presenting programs and news items. At this stage media can play a very important and critical role in breaking or uniting the various citizens of this beautiful continent.

MAT and ISCC have received some disturbing news from various parts of Canada and USA. We have already started receiving hate telephone calls on MAT and ISCC phone lines. Muslims in Canada and USA are not feeling secure. Muslims in Canada and the USA are as patriotic as any other citizen of these two countries. It is absolutely ill advised and very dangerous to associate all Muslims with the terrorists. As we all know that Islam forbids terrorism in any form or shape and since, Muslims do not have their own media organizations in North America, it is the responsibility of mainstream media to let the people know about the true and correct teachings of Islam. ISCC and MAT can provide information to the media related to the Muslims in Canada / USA, and the correct teachings of Islam.

Media must not use words such as "Muslim terrorist, Islamic terrorist, Muslim extremist, Islamic extremist, Muslim fundamentalist, Islamic fundamentalist, etc." Such things do not exist and these words create hate and violence towards Muslims and the religion of Islam.

We are also urging the Canadian and US governments and police to provide full protection to the Muslims of Canada and the USA from potential hate crimes. It is government's responsibility to safeguard its citizens. MAT and ISCC have setup the media monitoring centres in Toronto and Calgary. These two centres will also provide support and assistance to any citizen who is threatened by hate and violence. Mr. Imtiyaz Ahmed, President, Muslims Against Terrorism for Central and Eastern Canada can be reached at 416-728-7041 and Mr. Humayun Arshad, President, Muslims Against Terrorism for Western Canada can be reached at 403-605-7710. MAT and ISCC urges Muslims to contact police immediately if they face any hate or violence and inform MAT / ISCC as well. Please call me for any questions. Thanks

Best Regards

Syed Soharwardy

Founder & National President

Muslims Against Terrorism (M.A.T.)

Phone: (403)-208-7148