September 20, 2001

Press Release

Profile of Muslims Against Terrorism (MAT)

Since last Tuesday lots of things have changed. We are going through a critical period of our history. Our mosques, schools, elders and children are slowly becoming victims of hate crimes. During the past few days many of our sisters, mothers and daughters who wear scarves (HIJAB) have been subject to harassment and discrimination. This is the time for unity and care. As Allah's last Messenger (peace be upon him) said that all Muslims are like a body. When any part of the body suffers the entire body suffers.

The things may get worse when the United States and allied forces start their attacks on some Muslim countries. We are not sure how long these attacks will continue. This time the situation may get worse because it takes time to consume more than $40billion+, which are allocated for these attacks. As we saw during Oklahoma Federal building disaster and the Gulf War that the Muslims did go through a flood of hate, discrimination and violence in the west during those periods. Therefore, it is important for Muslims to be proactive and reach out to as many non-Muslims as possible. Explain to them about the basic teachings of Islam regarding the value of human life. Muslims must bring themselves into the front line of political, social, economical, cultural, financial and media related activities in Canada, USA and other parts of the western world.

We request Muslims and non-Muslims living in Canada, US and other western countries to become involved with Muslims Against Terrorism. Following is a brief profile of M.A.T.

Muslims Against Terrorism (MAT) was established on January 11, 1999 in Calgary, Alberta Canada with the following mission and objectives.

Mission Statement

To be the leading Muslim organization in the world for creating awareness about the dangers of terrorism and it's various forms such as oppression, exploitation and injustice, and unite the people to stop terrorism.


  1. To work with the western media in providing Muslim perspectives on issues related to Terrorism.
  2. To establish and strengthen the working relationships with the non-Muslim communities especially Christian community, and help them in understanding the issues and problems of Muslim community.
  3. To work with other Muslim organizations in order to stop terrorism.
  4. To provide assistance to the victims of terrorism.
  5. To help young Muslims in social, economical and educational matters.

The Purpose of this organization is to help media and the governments to separate someone's individual action from being portrayed as a community action. A terrorist should be identified and condemned as a terrorist but a terrorist should not be identified with his / her religious affiliation. Why a terrorist who happens to be a Muslim is identified as a Muslim terrorist? How about the terrorists of other religions? Why aren't they identified and associated with their religions?

Action Item for Muslims

We must support and donate blood and money to help the victims of WTC and Pentagon. As Muslims we must convey to all non-Muslim friends that;

Islam is a religion of peace and justice. Terrorism has no place in Islam. A true Muslim can not be a terrorist, racist or violent. Islam condemns terrorism, racism and violence in any shape or form.

If we have an organization in every city and town of North America, and the other western countries called "Muslims Against Terrorism", how easy will it be to communicate and exchange ideas with the local non-Muslim majority on the issues of terrorism. We also need to establish MAT in Muslim countries in order to expose those people who purposely misinterpret the verses from the glorious Qur'an and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in order to exploit Islam for their own ideologies and benefits.

Recently, M.A.T. has established it's own web site,

The Muslim support lines are as follows;

Calgary: (403)-605-7710

Toronto: (416)-728-7041

Please join MAT and standup against terrorism and the hate developed by the western media for the Muslims.

Please call or send me an email for any information.


Syed Soharwardy

Founder and President,

Muslims Against Terrorism (MAT)

Phone: (403)-208-7148