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November 1, 2001

Press Release

MAT endorses National Committee for American Energy Independence

As a result of September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon, it is necessary that Canada and the United States should not only review the boarder security of North America but also review the other policies and issues, which are affecting the continent and the world peace. One of the most important American policies is about the America's dependence on the Middle Eastern oil. America is facing opposition in Muslim countries because of the presence of US Army in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. The presence of US Army in Saudi Arabia is because of US dependence on Saudi oil. The government of United States wants to make sure that the 25% of US oil supply do not get affected by anyone. But if USA removes its dependence on Middle Eastern oil, then there will be no need to have such a heavy presence in Saudi Arabia. This will eliminate a major reason for conflict.

Muslims Against Terrorism, Alberta chapter has been approached by the National Committee for American Energy Independence (NCAEI). The National Committee for American Energy Independence is trying to help US government to become independent from the imported oil. Based upon the information we have received from NCAEI, MAT has found this initiative a very important one. This NCAEI initiative will help in eliminating terrorism against the United States.

It is true that the Saudi oil is relatively cheaper but USA is paying a very high price on the other end. At the moment, things seem to be under control in Saudi Arabia but we also know that the health of King Fahad is deteriorating every moment as well. Apparently, there are several issues with the succession of King Fahad. The opposition to the royal family is growing in and outside Saudi Arabia. All Muslims take some sort of belonging to Saudi Arabia because of the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. The transition of power to a new king in Saudi Arabia may not be as smooth as we saw recently in case of Jordan, Syria and Morocco. God forbid, if the transition to the new king does not go smooth, there is a huge chance of unrest in Saudi Arabia. This expected turmoil in Saudi Arabia will ultimately drag USA in to it and may open up a bigger conflict between USA and the Muslim world.

Therefore, it is in the long-term interest of United States and the world peace that USA government should invest in Alberta, Canada for its energy supply. Alberta alone has more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia. It is also true that the exploration of oil sands in Alberta will be very expensive compare to purchasing oil from Saudi Arabia. But in our opinion, people in USA and Canada will be happy to buy little more expensive oil than become targets of terrorists.

National Committee for American Energy Independence will be presenting a bill to US Congress to double the number of projects underway from the current $35 billion US. USA and Canada are already the world's largest trading partners. The broader trade of energy between USA and Canada will widen this partnership and help having a secure North America. As far the Saudi oil is concerned, we are sure that the huge energy demand in Muslim countries will help them to purchase Saudi oil at a lower cost which will help the economy of Muslim countries as well.

The Alberta Chapter of Muslims Against Terrorism supports the work of the National Committee for American Energy Independence and urges everyone to support their work. It is the most important contribution that Americans and Canadians can make in the campaign against terrorism."

MAT has already sent a request to Premier of Alberta, Honourable Ralph Klein for a meeting to further discuss this initiative.

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